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Boat in Dénia with skipper

These are its benefits

Do you know the benefits of renting a boat in Denia with skipper? If you are attracted by the idea of getting into the high seas with a private boat, this is probably the most recommendable option. 

The presence of a skipper can make the difference and make your trips an unforgettable experience. In addition, for most users the figure of the skipper is essential to set sail on a private boat, because they usually do not have the required documentation for driving boats.

Below we tell you how you can benefit from our boat rental services in Denia with skipper, pay attention!

 Boat rental in Denia with skipper: 6 advantages you should know about

Relax and enjoy yourself

One of the main advantages of renting a boat in Denia with skipper is the possibility of disconnecting during the whole trip. Because having the services of a skipper translates into an extra dose of security and tranquility. You will not have to do excessive planning and you will not have to take control of the boat (in addition, to do so, you would need a sailing license and certain documentation).

With a skipper we are more inclined to relax and enjoy the sea routes, especially when there are factors beyond our control such as the weather or when it comes to night sailing routes.

A skipper is not only a key (because he has the required knowledge and documentation) to access the sea with a private boat, but also an extra comfort. While the skippers take care of the tasks derived from the navigation and maintenance of the boat, the passengers can enjoy the crossings and live the experience at sea more fully. The boat rental in Denia with skipper is a good way to say goodbye to the worries that may arise from the transfers.

A practical solution

Acquiring a boat often entails a series of responsibilities. With the hiring of a skipper you will be able to derive all those responsibilities, since he would be in charge of any incidence that could take place at maintenance level. In addition, having a specialized professional during the whole trip will help you on more than one occasion. In case you have any doubts, you will always have someone who can offer you advice and suggestions to make your experience more enjoyable.

Renting a private boat without a skipper usually requires a considerable outlay in terms of warranty. In the event that you hire a boat rental service with skipper, this responsibility would fall largely on him, which is also an extra peace of mind.

You will have an experienced guide

We have a team of skippers with a great experience in Denia. They know the area with total precision so they can be of great help and will guide you to know the most attractive areas.

In the event that you wish to travel through a certain area, you only have to talk to your skipper and he will adapt the route to optimize the route to the destination you are looking for.

Of course, if you ask him to show you new places, chances are that you will end up knowing corners that a priori you could not imagine. Coves, caves and spaces that you could not access otherwise.

You will be able to learn about the world of navigation

Are you curious about the world of sailing? Having a skipper will be the perfect opportunity to get started or practice. His high experience in the nautical field will turn your trips into the perfect moment to acquire new knowledge. Are you thinking of obtaining in the future the title of skipper? If so, the boat rental in Denia with skipper will be a particularly recommendable option.

In addition, a skipper has all the resources to make your experience unforgettable. Not only on a geographical or technical level, but also on a practical level, at what time of the day is it especially advisable to set sail? Skippers are the right people to solve this kind of questions.

An extra in security

The presence of a good skipper is also a guarantee of safety. Skippers tend to care about their passengers. Part of their job is to provide the right tools to prevent risks or solve unforeseen events.

It is important that all safety guidelines proposed by the employers are followed. Especially all those arising from any kind of atmospheric complication or any extraordinary safety incident.

You will have an accomplice 

Have you thought about renting a boat in Denia with skipper to surprise someone? If, for example, you have planned a marriage proposal on a boat, a skipper can act as an accomplice. In fact, his goal is that you live an unforgettable sailing experience at sea. 

Do you wish to rent a boat in Denia with skipper?¡Contact us!